At MEGOWORK LTD. UK, we specialize in equipping organizations with a versatile project portfolio management solutions and consultancy.

We strive to transform mundane teams into irreplaceable and highly-productive assets. We provide teams with a single platform that boasts all the tools, resources and features that help them align strategies, analyze risks, automate workflow and, thus, realize projects at scale.

Our team is drive by decades of collective experience and commitment to excellence. We always remain ahead of the curve by staying up to date with latest the trends, practices and technologies.


Customer Focus

To deliver tailored solutions, we begin our working relationship with you with an initial meeting where we discuss the scope of the project, the needs and any underlying complexities.


Create Value

We add value to the project by arming your team with cost-effective and configurable solutions that enable them to get work done in a fast and efficient manner.



We understand that relationships last long only when there is trust. It is, therefore, we ensure transparency at every step of the way as well as the commitment of timely delivery of projects.



We promise you a highly-impactful solution that not only results in enhanced productivity and profitability but also guarantees continuous organization growth for years to come.

Industry Experience

Collectively, we possess decades of experience as PPM solutions provider.

Brilliant Team

Our team composes of industry specialists and experts in PPM.

Creative & Professional

With a creative approach and a professional attitude we guarantee results that exceed your expectations.

Effective Sollutions

Years of experience and industry experts combined to offer configurable solutions.

100% Result

Our result-driven approach allows us to deliver upon our promises of increased productivity.

Why Work with Us?

There are a number of reasons that compel top companies across the globe to turn to us for their exclusive PMM needs. For starters, we ensure value in our partnership and relationship with you. We deliver the right mix of highly-impactful solutions. We are skilled at cracking your complex PMM challenges. We promise to deliver measurable result. More importantly, we always offer cost-effective solutions.

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