Privacy Policy

We have created this privacy policy to efficiently serve our visitors on this website who are concerned with the collection and use of their Personally Identifiable Information (PII) by MEGOWORK Ltd (we).

PII, as mentioned in the European Union, is a piece or set of information which is related to any identified or identifiable person (data subject). The data subject is a person who can be identified either directly or indirectly with respect to an identifier like a name, contact number, location details, any other internet identifier or any aspect particular to the physical, mental, genetic, economical, or any other cultural identity of the data subject, i.e., the identifiable natural person.

PII, as mentioned in the US privacy law and information security, is any such information which can be utilized individually or together with any other information to identify or contact any individual or to locate any individual in context.

Kindly, read and understand our privacy policy thoroughly in order to learn how we collect, use or protect your Personally Identifiable Information which is submitted willingly or collected automatically during accessing the Services of MEGOWORK Ltd.

MEGOWORK Ltd. holds all the rights to amend, change or modify any clauses of the Privacy Policy in a periodic manner. Therefore, it is imperative for visitors coming on this website to read the Privacy Policy and understand how we collect and use the PII.

Should you decide to not agree or accept the terms, it is suggested that you should not access or use any of our Services.

Personal Information We Collect

In the event, visitors ask us to request any particular pages or services on the website, we ask the user to provide us with some contact information which may include but not limited to visitor’s name and the email address. The collected information is then used to provide the visitors with email support or contact the visitor periodically via email for news and updates regarding our services, products and offerings.

However, visitors or users can request the company to remove their email addresses from the aforementioned email mailing lists. They can request to opt out by emailing MEGOWORK Ltd. For the ease and convenience of users, we have mentioned clear details on our emails on how to unsubscribe or opt out.

By Contact Information, it means the details that may include your name and mailing address. The details will be used to identify you. To be able to utilize particular Services and/or get newsletters or products offers, you are requested to provide contact information. Moreover, as you visit and interact with the website, the website would use data collection practices and tools to gather the following details about your device, browsing behavior and attitude:

  • We may collect the information of your website visit frequency, traffic data, geographical location, search engine source, used search keywords and other important communication data and resources that you may have used to visit and access our website. And,
  • We may also collect details regarding your device, internet connection, IP address, OS version, browser version, etc.

The overall data that we collect helps us to improve the functioning of our website and to deliver a better user experience to the visitor or user. Furthermore, the collected data allows us to:

  • Measure and scale the size of the audience and the usage behavior
  • Collect data regarding the preferences of the user so as to delivery customized experience which is according to user’s interest
  • Speed up website functionality
  • Recognize returning or recurring visitors and users.

When is the Data Collected?

We collect the users’ data or information when they visit our website or register on our website to access our services or when they subscribe for newsletters or product demo.

Usage of Collected Information

We use the information that we collect in a number of ways. For instance:

  • To customize or tailor the user experience and, thus, offer the type of content or offerings that are according to the users’ interest.
  • To improve our overall Services to better serve the visitor or user
  • To better serve and efficiently response to customers’ queries
  • To administer different website features such as surveys, etc.
  • To send emails and newsletters in a periodic manner

Personal Information Protection

MEGOWORK Ltd. boasts highly-professional and dedicated team of security experts who uses the best industry practices and state-of-the-art technologies to protect your data. Furthermore, we conduct annual third-party auditing and data privacy impact assessment.

Rest assured that the information we collect remains completely secure and confidential. Moreover, the information is collected for the sole purpose of serving you better Services.

Data Security

We assure you that we use state-of-the-art encryption to encrypt your personal data and store the data behind protected servers that are accessibly only to a select few personnel who have special access to the systems. Although the company goes beyond to ensure best security measures, it is important to understand that security threats are continuously evolving and new risks are surfing continuously. Therefore, MEGOWORK Ltd. isn’t responsible for any service interruption, errors, data loss, intrusions and other disruptions which may arise due to security incidents.

Website Cookies & Usage of Cookies

Cookies are small files that are stored in your browser. The website stores cookies to identify the visitor’s browser information and certain other information. Cookies allow the company to understand visitors’ website behavior and other activities.

The company uses the cookies related information to:

  • Monitor and understand the users’ on-site preferences so that the web services can be improved for future visits
  • Gather aggregate data regarding the website traffic and users’ website interactions. The company can also use third-party services to track the details on its behalf.

Users can choose to have their device alert them every time a cookie is being sent or stored. Users can also opt to disable cookies. However, by disabling cookies, users might not be able to access or use certain services of the website.

Third-Party Disclosure

We never trade or sell or transfer the personally identifiable information (PII) to any third parties unless we notify the users in advance. However, it doesn’t include the hosting service and other third-parties that are involved in assisting us in our Services’ operations and other business conducts and those parties agree to protect the users’ information and keep them protected in compliance with MEGOWORK Ltrd.

The company may need some of your details when it believes that the information is needed to protect itself from any liability or to comply with the law, enforce website policies or to protect its own and others’ rights. Furthermore, the company may reveal or share the personal information in the event of a merger, liquidation, bankruptcy and acquisition.

The non-PII may be forwarded to other parties for marketing or advertising purposes.

  • MEGOWORK Ltd. uses the Google Analytics tool along with other Analytics resources. As the name suggests, Google Analytics is a website analytics service by Google, Inc. that collection particular information related to the users’ website visits. The Analytics uses cookies for purposes described above. By visiting Google’s privacy policy page, you can learn and understand how the website uses the information and protect it.
  • We may also use other third-party services that allow us to learn and understand users’ behavior on our website and fix errors and bugs that users encounter during website visit. The third-party tools are under contractual adherence to utilize the data for providing services to MEGOWORK Ltd and keep the information completely confidential.

Third-Party Links

While navigating our website, you might find some third-party links on our website which are provided only for your convenience. It should be kept in mind that such links are out of our control and thus do not oblige to our privacy policy. If you wish to browse the third-party links, make sure that you go through their privacy policy on their website.


The California Online Privacy Protection Act is the first law in the region that requires commercial online platform and services to publish a privacy policy. The reach of the CalOPPA law extends beyond the region of California or that of United States. The law requires an individual or a company in the US or across the globe that collects PII from Californian consumers to publish a clearly visible privacy policy mentioning the information which is being collected and the parties with whom the information is being shared. Read more at:

As per the law, MEGOWORK Ltd agrees to the following:

  • Users are free to visit and navigate the website in an anonymous manner. However, the anonymous browsing will limit us to provide the users with the content and offerings that are tailored to their interest
  • Once the privacy policy is written and published, we are obliged to link the policy on our home page
  • The policy will include the word “privacy” and it can be found on the policy page
  • In case changes are made to the Privacy policy, the company will notify the users
  • Users are given the rights to change their details by emailing the company, calling or contacting via an account representative.

Fair Information Practices

The Fair Information Practices is considered as the backbone of the laws related to the consumers’ privacy in the US. The principles play an important role in the establishment of data protection laws across the world. As per the Fair Information Practices principles, we assure the following actions in the event of a data breach:

  • MEGOWORK Ltd will immediately notify the users through emails or any other communication means
  • We will also notify the users via an on-site notification pop up

Limitation of Liability

It should be noted that under no circumstances including but limited to inattention or carelessness, shall MEGOWORK Ltd be liable for any resulting damages that arises from the use of or the inability to use the company’s website or any of its content.


MEGOWORK Ltd. never intentionally collects any PII from children who are under 13 years of age. Children under 13 are advised to not register on the website or use any of the services or provide any information including but not limited to name, contact address, email address, display name, etc.